An unusually low attrition rate, content employees, a professional ambience conducive to work-life balance – everything essential to productivity is there in phamax. Every phamaxian is distinctive, designated after structured and sensible scrutiny and examination, and is exceptional in his or her domain.

There is an inherent competitive streak that drives us, that desire to excel at every single juncture. Our management believes in professional and personal development vital for the ascent up the corporate ladder. Communication lines are always open, performances are recognized and rewarded, grievances are redressed, and conflicts or gender disparities are minimal or absent.

We are a coherent unit aspiring for the same goal – the upward mobility of phamax and its clients. If you aspire for excellence and possess an insatiable drive for healthcare consulting, forward a brief profile highlighting your skills, experience and education.

Current openings

If you have the skills to match and a drive for healthcare consulting, write to us at


As a consultant, you will have the opportunity to work with a team that helps the best organizations in the world solve some of their most business problems. Throughout your tenure you will gain broad exposure to a variety of different projects spread across multiple functional areas in the healthcare/pharma domain.

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