Behsad is the founder of phamax and has more than two decades of industry and consulting experience in the healthcare domain. He served in senior leadership positions with prominent brands like B-MS, Schering Plough, and Novartis before conceptualizing phamax. Behsad heads the long term strategic planning, business development, and investor relations from the phamax headquarters in Switzerland.

Anand is the co-founder of phamax. He has two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He led consulting ventures, product strategies, business planning, and global delivery teams for large pharmaceutical houses and global consulting practices in India and Switzerland before cofounding phamax. Anand manages the India office of phamax and outlines the overall strategy of the company.

Sacha has two decades of experience in healthcare business analytics, forecasting, commercialization, and FTE and large engagements. He was earlier associated with large corporations like IBM and Homann-La Roche. His expertise spans more than hundred forecast projects. He is also a co-founder of PharmARC, a healthcare consulting firm acquired by IMS Health.

Dr Arun is a physician by training, with nearly two decades of pharmaceutical consulting experience. He led consulting ventures with top pharmaceutical and FMCG companies, and had successful professional associations with major brands before phamax. Arun was the Global Lead for Health and Wellness at Nokia where he managed and monitored the health section for Nokia Life. Arun leads the scientic wing of phamax.

Jayachandra Reddy has nearly two decades of experience in marketing analytics and consulting. He worked with large and medium global pharmaceutical firms on forecasting, strategy development, business intelligence, and portfolio evaluation projects before phamax. He is a veteran in building and managing teams for FTE (Full Time Equivalent) agreements and other projects. He leads the phamax analytics and modeling team.

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